2D Animatic Experimentation

I decided to try to make the allusion of feathers falling and I didn’t think it was half bad for a first time, but a little laggy so I will have to consider how many frames I would use next time:

as light as a feather


Making My Own Animatic on the Side

Here are some of the shots from the animation I am making. I have experimented with different angles and perspectives to make it seem more interesting:

Screenshot 2015-03-16 00.58.35

bacground scene 3  Screenshot 2015-03-16 00.56.48

Using textures I was able to make the simple scenes I created in photoshop seem more grungy and detailed:

bacground scene 2   Screenshot 2015-03-16 01.03.42

Screenshot 2015-03-16 03.17.12




ipp    hdr    hdr       Man hard at work :P. today was really helpful as Mike explained how surfaces are built easier if you think about the square and where the circle fits inside this. I struggled a little at seeing the perspective until I tried forced perspective which I think went really well:






I had to keep thinking about composition in  the Typography Animatic; so whenever I was making the clouded sky background scene I thought about the actual colours reflecting the bright colours of the candy:

background detailsBut!!!… another idea that we had was to make vehicles and such out of candy as well which would reflect the world they live in, similar to how everything in the Lego Movie is Made of lego, or everything in the Candy Land in Wreck it Ralph is made of some form of sweet confectionery:







Then I also considered the vehicles to be all broken down after the apocalypse, and I thought that adding in a helicopter perhaps may also look good to show where the parachute character actually jumped from:





Progression of Background 1

Blayne’s vision 😛
background blayne

The blocking stages:
Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.31.56

Adding in the details. trying to keep in mind not to use the airbrush for everything and to make the lines harder and harsher:

Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.32.10

I added in the road specifically to give perspective and add depth to the image. Here i am also seeing how it would look when shot in 16.9:

Screenshot 2014-11-18 00.14.16

This is the final edit I did on this background. The colours of the sky reflecting the colours of the candy in this world:
background details

Using A Colour Palette

We talked about the colour palette of this Animatic and Siobhan showed me these images:






I also noticed this when I was looking out my homes sitting room window. This shows the similarities between the two pictures with the colour gradations:image

Once we decided on this being right for the project i took this image into photoshop and went to -> “Filter” – “Pixelate” – “Mosaic”.
I used this so I could take my sampler tool and select the colour samples easier so I could add lots of shades of the same colours into the sky etc…:

 Screenshot 2014-11-25 12.02.58


Screenshot 2014-11-25 11.54.44

How Should We Shoot This??

I loved how the opening for Dawn of the Dead looked because it was very fuzzy, almost messy looking in the combination of different news broadcasts, and I thought this could be an interesting way of splitting up scenes with the plain black background and red blood text. simple but effective:

dawn of the dead



We also looked at The A Team intro’s city scene as the camera slowly zooms in on it and then the scene just fades to red. we thought that this could be a good way to show that we were going to move into what happened after the infinity stone catastrophe:

the A team- city scene