Building in Maya

So our for our building we wanted to make sure that even  though humans would not be residing on Earth any more that they would still have a link to their home planet, so we thought of a genetically engineered for fast growth tree in the centre of the building which would also serve the purpose of oxygenation for the people on board as well as giving them a link to home, as we didn’t want everything to look very metallic and cold:

tree1Screenshot 2015-03-08 00.09.09

We wanted their to be multiple levels obviously to fit as many people as possible but we also had to think of transportation so we incorporated elevators and also a stair shaft beside the elevator around the floor levels. We also incorporated these lifts inside the tree so that it would serve another purpose as a means of transportation:

Screenshot 2015-03-08 05.01.32Screenshot 2015-03-08 05.02.24

building inner levels2



This was the final Animatic made for week seven. I was kind of disappointed with the feedback but being honest with myself and a lot of the people in the group agreed, there could have been more done with certain characters rather than just using the same character drawings over again at different times. But I have taken this on board for next time.

Screenshot 2014-11-10 12.04.14

Animatic – My Work

For the Animatic after the story board was finalised, Dylan drew out some rough copies for us to build on top of. I was given the job of the actual funeral scenario. We decided in the end that it should take on a different atmosphere than the rest of the Animatic so I did them more detailed that the others to give them a more solemn feel:
1      2



This one was my personal favourite. I took Dylan’s image into Photoshop and rearranged it so that it would fall into step with the rule of thirds so it wouldn’t be centred and that it would be 16.9. I thought about composition here and how I wanted the focus to be on this one crying alien so I even added in rain for an extra solemn feel because recently with my aunt dying I remembered my mother telling me the saying; “Happy is the corpse that the rain falls on”, and I thought that even though it to me is an old wives tail, I still liked the thought of it when it did rain at the funeral, so after asking the groups opinion, I added it.
I also added lighting in on the face of the alien with the curves tool to even further make him stand out as part of the foreground.
By making the background people blurry and less detailed I thought this also contributed to make him the main focal point.