Modelling The Buildings Internal Tree

So I tried my hand at modelling the tree for the centre of our building. Our reason for having this tree is to make sure that the people still have a tie to their home planet Earth. It also helps for oxygenation as this building will remain above the clouds where oxygen in thin.



15 Second Animation Inspiration

Just because we love the style of this Animation we thought we could  really recreate it well for our Animatic. I also looked at the making of the animation to see how they created it and thought that this was really helpful in building up layers in photoshop to get a similar style of texture:

“Backwater Gospel”

Screenshot 2015-03-09 20.37.21

Youtube Link:

The Making of… :

Again this does seem very dark and gloomy, but it has a beautiful


Screenshot 2015-03-09 20.50.10

Youtube Link: