Housing Belfast

Building Inspiration:


wall-EWe looked at the space shuttle design for the film “Wall-e” to see how it was designed so people could get around the ship due to its size.




Noah’s Arc                                              2012

W017_ark_std        2012_09


The Brief stated that the building would be floating so we thought about an actual ship just like with Noah’s Arc. And this reminded us of the film 2012, with it’s arcs to house those who were to repopulate the world after the flood.




Resident Evil:


This was my personal favourite idea as this was my favourite movie growing up! (next to, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”)  The idea of having everything being underground, however, we would need to think about safety as well and air ventilation etc…









The Ecos Centre:

When I was in primary we were taken to this place in Ballymena and I always remembered it because it reminded me of the Titanic. The top of the building was filled with solar panels which made me think of having the exterior of our building being on big solar panel if it was to be floating about the clouds this would mean an unlimited supply of power for the whole building.

ECOS Centre


Modelling in Maya For Building

Making a table and chairs for apartments:
wooden table2

Here I am just playing around with textures and adding multiple layers, with the textures already plugged in to Maya:

leather textured bowl

I am really amazed at what the rendering does when I look at the difference here! :

Screenshot 2015-03-08 19.15.50   shiny chrome balls



fridge   fridge2





Photoshop Can Be A Heartless b**ch

So… Learned a valuable life lesson today when it comes to using Photoshop.. Save your DAMN work!! And it is also best to do this every twenty minutes or so as there will be less heartache when this message appears!:
Screenshot 2014-10-24 22.43.40

However, me… No I didn’t follow this rule… Instead I started the drawing and my last save was at 6.30 pm. Comes 11.30 and somehow I forgot to save the thing until then, and that message shows up and then this is what happened to me because I had no power over Photoshop to emergency save:

Screenshot 2014-11-04 11.34.49
BUT… In a lighter note. Because my version of Photoshop was cs6. It has an auto save function so after the crying and turning Photoshop off and in my work cane back on a recovery file!! Thank you Photoshop!!

Mikes feedback being put to good use ;)

So whilst waiting for the bus in the rain and freezing cold, with a huge bag of groceries, an art folder (because it was life drawing day) and a heavy messenger bag weighing me down, I still took the time to look at the scene in front of me and I seen this:


So the reason here that I took this was something mike said to me as feedback for this image:

composition- final reduced

He said about how light effects all its surroundings. So even tho I was so fixed on how the fire would cause light to cast on objects and people. I didn’t make the green blazer beam as prominent. So I have went back and corrected this and this is the final image:

composition-finished green light reduced