Photoshop Birthday Invitation Design

As anyone that is the computer “savvy” person in their family, they will know that they get asked to do a lot of silly things such as photo retouching for sisters/nieces etc… this being another form of things i get asked to make… Disney’s “Frozen” children’s birthday party invitiations 😛

Although I will also admit it was fun to make, even the smaller details like adding a shadow of Elsa and Anna onto the background cause i can be a perfectionist at times.

This is the progression… started this from a black slate and added everything together for the final product.

1    2



Crystal World- Composition

For my project I was given charge of the religious aspect of the ship, however after some more deliberating about what happens with the mutation of the crystal creatures I decided to focus on how they learn to use their new abilities… but, before I could do that i had to think about the environment in which they would be able to practice out their new gifts. When researching, I wanted to look for an almost godly power look so i even looked up some religious images were aliens were involved:


I really liked how the lighting was in this in this image as it created a lot of depth and showed the perspective with the rocks in the foreground being the darkest compared to the background. So I then researched caves in this style that showed perspective from dark to light tones and found this image:


I used this image combined with some extra aspects supplied by my imagination, and a little inspiration from the beautiful designs of environments from the game “Skyrim”;ak9S1

To create the final image of the learning centre.

This is a progression of the work done in 16.9:

1    3

I started off with an outline of where everything was going to go, and decided that these aliens were going to have powers..(basically because water bending is one of the powers I always wanted to have …and still do), so I took some inspiration from “Avatar”:

water bender

After that I scanned the image through to Photoshop and blocked in what I wanted; going from dark tones for the foreground and background and background and lighter tones for the mid section to add dimension and focus to where the action would be happening.

6    background world- alien2 shrank(final image)

After the initial blocking I added details and textures to the caves surface, and finally used the curves tool in Photoshop to add extra lighting and shadows in multiple directions for a more realistic authentic look.

distorted layers

Also, by accident i turned off one of the layer folders in the image and this happened. I just thought it looked cool and wanted to include it to show what is to me a happy accident 😛

Crystal World

As it works in animation studios, we were taken from our original project to work onto another groups work and told to make it our won but stick to their original ideas and pick one concept to run with. Their main concepts were:

  1. A planet made of metal that melted due to the time of day and closeness of the sun so everything started a new when the sun eventually moved to another end of the planet.
  2. A crystal planet that had been turned into a ship that was populated by crystal people.


We decided to take on their concept of the “Crystal People” as it was less developed than the metal world design so we were able to do more with it, and make it our own.

Even though at this stage we are not allowed to use colour but rather experiment with tone, in our research and idea development we thought of using colour to express personality later in the project. I thought about the different kind of crystals, their different colours, what they meant and what they were used for and in my research came across this site:

Screenshot 2014-11-02 22.41.51

I thought about, for example a certain colour of crystal meaning they are a protector, a healer etc… This idea was heavily influenced by the short animation “Zero” that I mentioned in a  previous post, as in it the number you are born with is your designation in life:

Screenshot 2014-11-02 16.37.59

We also had to think of what these creatures would look like. the group before us had a fews drawing done which I liked a lot so when we broke apart to think of what the creatures would look like, I went away to make another version of a humanoid creature whilst the others in the group did their own version so we could see which one we liked the best in the end.

10394138_852745234759946_4305113365173437376_n                                                      WP_002635