Thinking Outside The Movie

As you do I went on to Google to see what others had done, and thought about parodying the movie and its events. Such as the iceberg not actually being an iceberg but some creature that you wouldn’t normally find so far from the ocean bottom. With this we could have made it a secondary character out of the “iceberg” and gave it its own narrative:









Why don’t we make the actual ship into a very camp gay man and as it crashes into the iceberg, sinks and hits the ocean floor the ship could be animated to give commentary on how it feels about everything etc… ( personally love this idea):



First Attempt on a Graphics Tablet

This was my first ever attempt at using a drawing tablet so personally I don’t think its the best but I had to start somewhere. I used a tonal range on a separate layer so that I could use that for swabs when I needed a different shade, which I found to be a big help also in speeding up the painting process. I also played around with the different features of the pen such as sensitivity impacting thickness of the line and the opacity, flow and hardness of the brush for different textures.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 23.17.01

I also looked at game characters from “Skyrim”, that were very organic as we though about making the people out of stone and crystals.

Spriggan_detail                                 Spriggan



However, the others in my group decided to go for a more conventional alien creature, but to make it mutate over time into something much more interesting. This image shows the progression of the creatures mutation.



Then each of us was given a section to work on and make our own and this is where the fun really began for me with composition.


Finishing The Worm Rig

This week in Maya we had to finish our work with the worm rig and smooth out the kinks from the feedback we got from the previous week. Mike said to me to maybe show more interaction and make the worm a bit heavier to make it seem more real. So when I went on I added in more key frames and made the worm interact with the objects and then become afraid and back away:

Problems I faced were the cone shape falling back a certain way that was due to a key frame that I had accidentally hit and couldn’t see until Alec helped me correct this… Now I know for again not to click EVERYTHING!!!

3 worm interaction gif


For homework we had to continue doing drawings of “Winnie the Pooh” to get a better understanding of how to draw characters. We also got more time to practice doing the superman face from multiple angles to get a better understanding of how animation works, as everything should start off with simple shapes such as the soup cans.

0WP_002889    WP_002890                    


Soup Can

Drawing superman was the task today and we did this in the simple way of drawing a cylindrical shape(soup can) to give perspective of Superman’s face and use this to keep the shape of his face the same.



After this, we were asked to do the same with our model and apply the same technique:

WP_002723     WP_002726     WP_002724

We were also asked to apply this cylindrical shape technique to give the perspective of the head and then to use it on the body to show the direction.

WP_002727     WP_002728