Titanic’s Path Map Comparison

Titanic and iceberg’s path mapped out:

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My Character’s For Schematic

So I have chosen to do the narratives of Ruth De Witt Bukater and Caledon Hockley. I chose these characters because I thought they could have interesting back stories. However in my notes from running through the film as shown in the pictures below, I stayed very safe! I didn’t think first of what the story could be for them when they were off screen. So then I decided to sit down and talk to my team mates about creating narratives to give me some creative flare if you could call it that.
We worked out different back stories for a few of the characters and after an hour of this I went of and did a word document of all the characters stories which can be found at this link here:


I then incorporated this into our schematic:

                                             2015-02-22 21.18.28                2015-02-22 19.05.55 (2)

I focused a lot of the work we had done of Christopher Vogler’s ,”The Writer’s Journey” on creating the characters narrative, turning well lived characters such as Molly Brown who is seen as a ‘Mentor’ for Jack, and turned her into a ‘Shapeshifter’ archetype, where we don’t ever know exactly what to think about her.


Drawing Winnie

Today in life drawing we were introduced to how to draw cartoon characters. we were told to draw out circle and map out where the faces would go at certain angles and with certain things on them such as hats/ glasses or hair.

WP_002703 (2)

We were also introduced to how to draw full characters, such as “Winnie the Pooh”:


We were given this sheet in order to give us an idea about how to draw characters; for example how many heads high they always had to be to make sure it did look like the same character, and what this specific character had, such as the seam of his belly which helped with the perspective of the character.


WP_002704                               WP_002708

Mike also pointed out to me about putting the character in a box and this would make the perspective more obvious and easier to draw and to me this was a big help! And I have used this boxing technique in my later drawings of Winnie:

homework (3)                                                             homework (2)






For Homework we were given the task of making the “B” pose of this sequence. the purpose of this was so we could try and make it look like the “A” and “C” images as it is supposed to represent the same person. however my “B” pose turned out too small compared to the others. now i do have a better understanding of what the importance of this is in animating characters so that they look more like themselves and I will make it a point to myself to improve at making the same character the same size.


Introduction To Controlling Rigs


We were asked as a group to take control of this rig and create a common theme among ourselves. We originally thought of making it funny and call it the “h**ny worm” and there was a animation done of that that we were modelling after this Durex add 😛 –

Screenshot 2014-11-02 17.53.30

We were to make one section of the video and compile them, so each person got the worm trying to find the right partner as he humped each shape and here’s mine 😛

Screenshot 2014-11-02 17.59.15



Sadly we had to scrap that idea and make out own animations so we made the worm curious of the shapes that he is met with until he finds the one that he is interested in the most… more of a PG version of the events we were going for. I used squash and stretch whilst also using the rig controls to make the worm seem more alive as he moved across to the objects in front of him. I also focused on making the worm linger longer on certain shapes so to do this after i have put in all my key frames I moved the key frames further up the time scale bar.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 18.11.41    Screenshot 2014-11-01 03.20.11

New World Concepts Week

This week we were given the task of designing a world. Conann did as Conann does and gave us the most vague idea possible so that we had no limitations when it came to our own ideas. The First thing we did was research what other people had done to create another existence. I thought about how books are used to show the imagination and how different worlds are created, such as “The Caster Chronicles” books i had read about another magical world within our own. However, one thing Conann did mention was that he didn’t want the world to be in this world so we took to YouTube instead and these are the best videos we found:

1) “The Maker” (spoiler alert) – the story is based around one room being the world. this room contains one lone creature and it seems from the beginning that this creature is making another companion but at the end it shows how they live for only long enough to make another of their kind then they die. this shows an endless lonely world with only one inhabitant (depressing but rather awesome, watch it if you haven’t already!)

Screenshot 2014-11-01 13.35.31


2) “Doll Face” – I had seen this video years ago but it was so tragic I still remembered it. (spoiler) This is about a world inside a room for a lone robot who becomes hypnotised and desperate for their quest for beauty. – But we thought that this was perhaps a little too simple for creating a world out of

Screenshot 2014-11-02 16.30.33


3) “Zero”  (spoiler) A world where the number you are born with is your worth in society. Being a “0” this boy gets bullied constantly, he is forbidden to have relationships and is jailed for finding someone. The plot goes on but this is supposed to be ideas of a new world, and this seemed the most strong as they are made of balls or wool.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 16.37.59

We then went to work on different concepts and then brought them all together so that we could decide which was the best one that everyone could agree on:

10393722_847734358594367_129960898556170758_n                                   10665705_847734065261063_602151876422147232_n


  • Ghostly existence (heavenly)
  • World being sectioned off like in “The Lego Movie”
  • Hair World
  • Steam punk broken in half planet one side dark the other light
  • The Cloud (upload yourself to online)

10665705_847734065261063_602151876422147232_n,1                              WP_002624


For the broken in half planet we thought it was too human, so I went off and thought of how to make the creatures more distorted and i thought about the movie “Maleficent” and how we could maybe stick to the humanoid look but alter it. as for the animals we thought they would not survive on the dark side of the planet without light for food source etc so we decided that everything; animals included would be more “mecha” than organic creatures.


With the Ghostly existence Shannon decided to take on my concept to make this image which was exactly what I was thinking of (well done Shannon) but my inspiration came from the movie “Dark Shadows”:

Screenshot 2014-11-02 17.33.41


By far though the hair world was the best idea we had as it was hilarious planning out the parts of the body where different civilisations would stay. (the best bit was the pubic region being named the forgotten tribe 😛 ) our very own Mark Mullan went of and did some concept for this and took our idea of different human time periods influencing the lifestyle of the hair inhabitants.


markmullan                  mark

we also thought about the perspective of the creatures world in the nasal hair looking out into the world and this concept art was dew up by Andrew Maclean which gives this region a jungle like atomosphere

andrews concept -nose