Facial Structure

I decided to look at the faces basic structure so I could see what made up the form underneath the skin. Feeling around my own face to actually see where these muscles and bone would be at as every face is different:


I found this video on “Youtube”, of someone trying to demonstrate emotional displays, which I found helpful in understanding the movement and necessary .

Screenshot 2015-05-11 16.37.46



Practicing Topology

5fcfeb29df6b596a472aab16a8d22a8fI thought that I would take a crack at doing my own face first in Maya before I screwed up anyone else’s. whilst trying to remember that triangles are the Devil! In the tutorial it did show how to correct them in most circumstances:

The Beginning:

Screenshot 2015-04-10 00.20.04


Making The Game Cover Page

I first started playing about with the vectors that I made this week for the boss fight cover page, and added the zombies to the road, intending that the more of the zombies I added meaning the harder it was and how many times you would have to deliver a proper hit to kill them. The use of the Road with the burning city that I made last week was just a happy accident as I thought that it would work if I added in shadows behind them to make them become part of the burning city image, like they were standing on the road:


Then I thought that I could add in other zombies to make the scene into a title for the actual game:


This is the final image I made for the game, adding in the candy design text I made for the Typography Animation. we also thought that for some reason the “Z” being backwards looked slightly cool, and besides the text is about zombies we can forgive a little dim humour about their lack of brain cells right:


Another Zombie Fight Stage

I really liked the idea of taking advantageĀ of using the burning city background as I made more vectors to add into it, adding shadows and such to make the monster fit into the scene:cupcake vector

background city destroyed2

background city destroyed4

I had a thought of actually adding all the vectors into the one image for a title page so I made this one as well just by recolouring it with using a colour layer in Photoshopbackground city destroyed5

Plane Explosion

For the beginning story of the game we had to show why Hank jumped out of the plane so I made this image:hank falling from exploding plane3I combined lots of explosion images on top of the plane I broke apart underneath the explosions. Then I painted over the top of it and used a surface blur to make this more of a cartoon affect.

Then I completely repainted the image to make the explosions fit together.