Useful Tutorials

I found these two tutorials by James Taylor on topology using polygons
Screenshot 2015-04-07 22.24.55

Screenshot 2015-04-07 22.25.07


Character Designs

Character Designs for Animation:

backwater crow

  • Rock
  • Feather
  • Bird

Should there be other characters?  like the rocks are crowded together and this one just can escape. Thinks he has escaped all the feathers  then the bird lands on him. maybe the feather’s falling is fun to him and it becomes a game to keep them in the air:

happy rock

Crows From Dumbo:

I thought about the actually crow itself not having to look exactly like a real one. So why couldn’t it be smartly dressed, or perhaps dressed to represent the setting and further emphasise the western genre etc…

smartly dressed 2 smartly dressed




Stiletto Mafiosa:

This reminded me of a character from my childhood, Stiletto from “Danger Mouse”. His character seemed slightly human also, probably why he confused me as a kid as I was never sure of what he was, but this has me thinking the bird could look slightly human perhaps? It doesn’t have to be a full bird does it? However this may make it harder to rig.

stiletto mafiosa

Animatic take 2

Different ideas of narratives:

1) The bird eating the bullet, swelling up and being too fat to fly away, then when he chirps it sounds like a bang of a gun.
2) The bird eating the bullet, swelling up and being too fat to fly away, then burps or farts and all this smoke comes out and he’s back to normal size.
3) The bird flying into the big famous rock with the presidents faces on it and somebody’s nose falls off.

Final Narrative:

So in Sticking with the idea of the bird being shot, but this time the bird is not killed instantly. The bird looses some feathers and they float down to where the rock is. The bird itself struggles on some more.  The rock see’s the feathers falling and begins to happily play with them, until the bird finally gives up and fall and dies by landing on the rock.

9   19


Storyboard Concept Art – Game

The original idea we had was to have a storyboard in the game but because of some difficulties in jobs being done I didn’t have the time to complete all images and also Courtney found it difficult to incorporate the images into the game (and incase you were wondering the “OR” is when I was going to make up other ideas but we had to scrap this side of the project as we ran out of time):storyboard zombie game

Candy Land Adventure Map

Originally the inspiration came from the wallpaper that I use for my google search engine:Screenshot 2014-11-30 16.51.35

We then looked at the maps used for the dungeon and dragon games:kq9banditlairisometric

We tea stained a large A2 page, decided and drew out the outline of the map:     ipp        ipp


Then made the zombie creatures to be used as characters for the game along with going over the outline of the map:???