Refining our concepts – week 0

Here we have taken the main concepts laid out by the other group…

WP_002538 WP_002542

…And we chose the strongest ideas from what they had developed and from there we have drew up a few concepts of what these toys that are designed to educate boys would look like:

WP_002548   WP_002549

These are my own sketches of what I liked the most and I have thought about the shocker ball and the virtual reality simulator as being the main focus as most education in today’s world is influenced heavily by technology. with the simulator’s we thought about how these toys would be useful for the boys future’s and we decided on a driving simulator that can actually also be used for driving lessons and in the more extreme cases a gun simulator for those who want to enrol in the army. the shocker ball would be useful as form of “operant conditioning” in how the boys will learn to associate the pain of the shock with getting something wrong, therefore they will try harder to learn.


First week in Animation!

So… basically my first week was a surprise to me as I didn’t know that there was supposed to “BE” a week zero(and i wasn’t the only one), but what the heck.. It was fun and it gave me a great insight into what is needed from us in order to work in a real life animation studio as once we had done work on our own group project, we were immediately transferred to another groups and had to work off of their concepts to make them better and more developed.


WP_002529   WP_002530