15 Second Final Presentation

Screenshot 2015-05-04 20.34.03the cycle


Recording the Poem

Different angles to take this from:

a young mans voice

an older man(sir Ian Mckellan):


young boy—teenager—older man

My voice to Aisling’s voice and vice versa:



Finally though we decided to blend our voices together into the one microphone instead of editing them together, so blending from a man’s voice to a female’s voice:


Background Experimentation

So we wanted to keep our environment simplistic like Conann instructed the animation to be (we actually do listen the odd time), but we still thought about different ways to make the environment more artisticaly accurate to “The Backwater Gospel”/”Boarderlands” style. These are a few styles we tried:




When using the mirror’s the sun in the sky that we used created a flare off the side of the mirror which we thought looked beautiful and so so this became a happy accident, however, using the mirror did create some issues with the characters showing up when they weren’t supposed to, although there is ways to fix this issue we decided in the end to just duplicate the environment we already had to give it more depth.


Screenshot 2015-04-21 15.27.30   posts in hd


This style is abit divorced from what wee originally set out for but in using a sphere around the environment and reversing a image onto this , a fairly beautiful, in my own opinion scene appeared, but this was just experimentation with using the uv texture editor, we were not going to stick with this.

Image Planes:


18181_986515831389414_6272783177926671749_n  11147198_985991724775158_2658993195975920650_n

We Particularly liked the idea of using mountains for depth like it was used in backwater so we looked at using multiple image planes along with the sun in the sky to create depth of field in our project environment.

We did however run into a few rendering issues that we have yet to work out the kinks with with the rendering settings as some of the image plane does tend to disappear for some reason:

Screenshot 2015-05-05 16.56.30   Screenshot 2015-05-05 17.34.19

What it’s supposed to look like                               What happens!!




The Sun’s Position in the Sky



Thanks to Conann’s advice we decided to get smarter about showing how time passes rather than showing day and night passing so quick that it would give you a headache.

To be fair looking at the night and day passing that we did now does look a tad ridiculous, so I’ve  researched how the sun works in orbiting the world. At certain times of the year the sun is higher in the sky than others.

This could be a good way to show seasonal change which would give the birds body long enough to decay to the extent that we want it to.



Plants Following Light

Screenshot 2015-05-04 15.10


I wanted to take a realistic view to how the plant moved, even though it plays only a very small role in showing how time passes I wanted to look at how plants actually do behave. So in doing this I took what I knew about them from A-level Biology and researched to find the term: “Phototropism”- This basically breaks down as to why plants tend to face the direction of the sun because the suns direction alters their growth. The shaded side of the plant elongates more than the unshaded side due to auxin molecules concentration, making the stem tilt toward the light source for better photosynthesis. I shall use this information to deal with the plants appearance and the direction of the sun in the sky.


Plantsinmotion.bio.indiana.edu, (2015). Phototropism – corn. [online] Available at: http://plantsinmotion.bio.indiana.edu/plantmotion/movements/tropism/solartrack/solartrack.html [Accessed 4 May 2015].

Making Time Appear to Pass

Screenshot 2015-05-04 13.50.21


In looking into ways of seeing time pass in a short period of time, I came across time lapse photography. A way to make this seem to happen could be removing one frame after a frame I wish to keep so that the animation seems more choppy at the point where the grass grows and the flower blooms.

seventh son time passI also looked at how other films have shown how time passes. This is a screen capture from the film Seventh Son, which shows how they used multiple things such as seasonal change cloud movement, moon and sun change etc… in a time capture photography fashion.