Ideation and Experimentation

  • An example of our initial ideation was creating the sinking scene of the titanic in a 4D experience, so we would use sound so that the audience could experience the chaos and panic of the sinking.
  • We also considered creating an animatic of a secondary character’s narrative, such the character of Spicer Lovejoy. This would show his version of events throughout the film.
  • titanic for blogI have experimented with a small titanic model that I created years ago to see if I could create the illusion or size. I got my mother to hold the light above the ship, and this white light acted as the moonlight hitting one side of the ship to create the scene. Then I brought this into Photoshop where I added lights onto the ship and the reflection into the water where I added a ripple effect.
  • We have looked at the actual icebergs story; where it’s expected trajectory would be. I thought about actually making a character out of it, and turning this into a sort of comic animatic. So we decided to do a time lapse of an iceberg that we recreated and placed into a tank to see its behaviour as it melts, such as how it turns and rotates, so we could use this as a reference in case we were going to stick to using it as an animation artefact.

Helping Conor with Presenting


So in wanting to go a good turn for someone, I decided Conor needed more practice with presenting as he found it very difficult, so I asked him to come in the day before the actual presentation for a few run through with an actual projector in an empty room. With doing this I was able to give him an idea of what it would be like to present without notes. Although he was very nervous, I think that this did help him in learning his lines as best as he could, as I gave him critical feedback on his posture so to seem inviting to an audience etc…


Our Schematic Flowchart- Breakdown

2015-02-19 03.41.44 (2) 2015-02-19 03.40.17

  • For combining all of these characters’ narratives together we decided to use a schematic flowchart. This helps show where the characters pass by each other, when they are on and off screen. Each character’s off screen narrative is highlighted by a single colour so we can tell them apart.
  • We have also linked them in between where they meet on screen so we could see who is together at all times, and who we had to add a narrative to so their story wouldn’t just stop until the next scene, which ultimately made it easier for us.


Link to the Schematic Flowchart:

Creating the Artefact – Progression

This is the final plaque design that Conor made, which is a recreation to the sign that was on the lifeboats of the Titanic. We decided to go with creating this as it symbolises the  actual ship itself with the aged, rusted metal. This however would be only part of the one Artefact:


We decided that instead of focusing on the ship we should focus on the actual narrative itself. In thinking of the irony of the ship that  was unsinkable we decided to parody the quote “The ship of dreams.” making it into a real ship of nightmares with using symbolism. I asked Tasha Pelan to help me with actually photographing what I wanted. We tried different poses and different perspectives so that we could add dimension with leading lines into the photo but in the end we decided to stick to a very head on angle:

ippipp    ipp

To speed things along I asked Natalie to take the image of the hands into Pohotshop and do the line art of them so that I would have a clear reference of what I wanted this to look like, as I later took the hand image and combined it with a scene from the opening of the film with a baby dolls head poking out of the sand, which we all found very haunting. We chose this image because wee believed it showed the true horror of the “nightmare” with the illusion that this was an actual child:



We were making the final decisions on the painting as we were unsure to add in the quote or to call it the ship of nightmare’s. In the end however, we decided that adding in the quote would suggest the best irony, and contribute to the symbolism of the painting.


  • Rose is handcuffed to Cal, which symbolises that she is trapped; held to him by her class rank.
  • she reaches out for jack hand but the two hands are separated and do not touch to show how they will never truly be together, and how they are separated by their class division.
  • The baby’s head at the bottom shows the real horror of what actually happened with the Titanic, furthering  the idea of a nightmare instead of a dream.




With the red writing I thought that it contributed to the overall art piece but it still wasimage quite hard to see, so now that I have this piece up on my wall I have added in the title with a simple white background so that it would be very clearly seen, which is something I learnt about in last semesters typography animatic research.


Thinking Outside The Movie

As you do I went on to Google to see what others had done, and thought about parodying the movie and its events. Such as the iceberg not actually being an iceberg but some creature that you wouldn’t normally find so far from the ocean bottom. With this we could have made it a secondary character out of the “iceberg” and gave it its own narrative:









Why don’t we make the actual ship into a very camp gay man and as it crashes into the iceberg, sinks and hits the ocean floor the ship could be animated to give commentary on how it feels about everything etc… ( personally love this idea):