Christopher Vogler’s – The Writer’s Journey Powerpoint and Speaker Notes

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The Writer’s Journey – Christopher Vogler : NOTES


“Tricksters serve several important psychological functions. They cut big egos down to size, and bring heroes and audiences down to earth. By provoking healthy laughter they help us realize our common bonds, and they point out folly and hypocrisy.”

“…comic relief. Unrelieved tension, suspense, and conflict can be emotionally exhausting, and in even the heaviest drama an audience’s interest is revived by moments of laughter. An old rule of drama points out the need for balance: Make ’em cry a lot; let ’em laugh a little.”

The Trickster is a catalyst character who breaks the rules of nature or of the God’s. Sometimes this character is sly and malicious but more often than not, we know these ‘tricksters’ to be foolish and often comedic characters with unintentional actions resulting in positive effects and a resolved story.

Loki- adds comic relief

Trickster hero-  “The modern version of the rabbit Trickster is of course Bugs Bunny. The Warner Brothers animators made use of folktale plots to pit Bugs against hunters and predators who didn’t stand a chance against his quick wits.”

However tricksters themselves can be outwitted and we see this as funny – tortoise and the hare

“The archetypes are an infinitely flexible language of character. They offer a way to understand what function a character is performing at a given moment in a story. Awareness of the archetypes can help to free writers from stereotyping, by giving their characters greater psychological verity and depth.”

The Ordinary World

 ‘ The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell describes the beginning of the typical hero’s journey. “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder…” ‘

“The opening moments are a powerful opportunity to set the tone and create an impression. You can conjure up a mood, an image, or a metaphor that will give the audience a frame of reference to better experience your work.”

“ Today many elements go into making those first impressions before the book or the movie ticket is bought; the title, the book cover art, publicity and advertising, posters and trailers, and so forth. The story is cooked down to a few symbols or metaphors that begin to put the audience in the right mood for the journey.”

The Ordinary World in one sense is the place you came from last. In life we pass through a succession of Special Worlds which slowly become ordinary as we get used to them.

In comparison to the special world, the ordinary one may seem quite boring, but it holds the seeds of excitement that haven’t started yet. The Hero’s problems already exist in the ordinary world, and the special world is where they are remedied.

Call to adventure:

The objective of the adventure is sometimes referred to as the treasure, even though this may be non-physical, it could be knowledge.

The hero of the story is faces with a challenge to undertake, such as for Luke in Star War’s “ A New Hope”. Leia’s hologram message is what gives our hero the problem to face