Teaching Already

My niece Cliona always wanted me to teach her how to draw, so I did. Now that she’s older she wanted me to teach her how to draw on the graphics tablet; so I did. First i let her make this herself in paint, this was her chosen image(Mickey), and this is what she did in paint:



And then with me hovering over her showing her liquify tool among other things, she was able to make this… proud moment for me, who knows maybe I would like to be a teacher after all:2,mickey-photoshop


Chris Really Loves His Avatar

Its really official, from now on I am taking the photos to be added to the image! It was so funny to have to direct Chris on every single thing to do in the picture for it to fit, but I guess that was never going to happen ahha. This is the direction that he was supposed to face and this is what we ended up with:                          

chris avatar the beginning     chris avatar the 1

So I took his features and Jake Sully’s and combined them by painting over them:

chris avatar the 2

Then I recoloured, textured etc… the image, then reshaped the face according to his features and expression. This is the final image; however I had to take into consideration that this is an avatar, which I have realised are hard to get a likeness for someone as all I could work with was face shape, lips and expression haha:
chris avatar the 6

Christmas Present For The Boyfriend

So my fella is obsessed with Harry Potter, so obviously I thought about getting him something memorabilia wise for Christmas. But after seeing 27 pound for a Elder Wand… I decided maybe something hand made as one of the presents.

I started thinking of the actual cover art of the Harry Potter movies as i always found them very cool as i personally am obsessed with magic:

o6s2XiIMcP60uBr3ohG1k09nQRx  las reliquias 1  hp7a_sd_oring_2d

Now this is where I thought I could do a drawing for him, with him becoming part of the cover art. However getting a picture of Adam is harder than getting a photograph of Jesus in the modern day.

Then I came across this image of Harry vs. Voldemort;0And I had to lie to Adam saying that Mike wanted us to take people’s faces and draw them at different angles (Thank you Mike) and this is the one that i was interested in:


So I took his face into the picture across from Harry to see where the highlights and shadows should show up on his face:


I considered turning him into Harry but the glasses, but…just no..it wasn’t happening haha. Originally the idea here was to create this image in Photoshop to draw it out in pencil, however when I turned the B&W Layer off I liked the colours and decided id turn this into a canvas 😛 which costed me a fortune so i now know I am no cheapskate:


Here is the finished product after adding textures, downloading splatter brushes and just to draw attention I drew in… that hair! I am proud!:


Carlos- First Photoshop Portrait

Was hanging out with my mate Carlos and he clocked my drawing tablet connected to the computer… after him finding out what it actually was he wanted me to do a quick sketch portrait. I was kind of proud to have been able to do this in 3 minutes even thought it looks really pathetic to me now when I have done more to it (actually it looks like he has went a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson):

carlos  imagescarlos3

When he was leaving I asked could I take a picture of him in a pose close to this and when I had the time later I put the picture on the screen and worked from it(thank god for the “liquify” tool so that I could move things around to the new position of his face!) … which was A LOT easier because in real life, Carlos cannot sit still! I also took into consideration the rule of thirds and decided to put him on the right hand side of the 16:9 image:
imagescarlos6TO BE CONTINUED……


Note To Self…

Don’t use blue-tack to make a model and expect it to last:

Screenshot 2014-11-30 04.29.58On the right is the little blue elephant I made when I was 14… And on the left is it at present day.. I have to say I’m surprised it lasted this long without being destroyed 😛 But i still had to laugh at my “expert” camera skills back in the day.. not that they are any better now… just the camera got better.