Skype meeting


Sorcha animation

The beautiful people 

We all had a skype meeting today, March 25th to dicuss all the stuff we need to do before the final presentation. Unfortuatelly we couldn’t get in contact with Molly so we just went ahead and had the meeting. 

Here are my notes from the meeting: 

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Creature Topology

kerry mccormick animation

So here is the finished topology for my Aquatic creature based off Nicholas Kole’s concept. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. He should deform nicely when rigged. The pattern of the quads is functional and pretty even. There are a couple of tris where they couldn’t be avoided but they are in places where they will not effect the movement such as under the base of the ear (Which will not have to move much at all). So here are some shot of the quads; the body, face, backfeet, front feet and underbelly.


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Plants Following Light

Screenshot 2015-05-04 15.10

I wanted to take a realistic view to how the plant moved, even though it plays only a very small role in showing how time passes I wanted to look at how plants actually do behave. So in doing this I took what I knew about them from A-level Biology and researched to find the term: “Phototropism”- This basically breaks down as to why plants tend to face the direction of the sun because the suns direction alters their growth. The shaded side of the plant elongates more than the unshaded side due to auxin molecules concentration, making the stem tilt toward the light source for better photosynthesis. I shall use this information to deal with the plants appearance and the direction of the sun in the sky.

phototropism, (2015). Phototropism – corn. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 May 2015].

Making Time Appear to Pass

Screenshot 2015-05-04 13.50.21

In looking into ways of seeing time pass in a short period of time, I came across time lapse photography. A way to make this seem to happen could be removing one frame after a frame I wish to keep so that the animation seems more choppy at the point where the grass grows and the flower blooms.

seventh son time passI also looked at how other films have shown how time passes. This is a screen capture from the film Seventh Son, which shows how they used multiple things such as seasonal change cloud movement, moon and sun change etc… in a time capture photography fashion.

Our New Arrival

My sister Joanne just gave birth to her first baby boy (finally after three girls). His name is Cathán, and because Joanne always has me down at her house taking pictures of her children as they grow; for example Tiarn’as first photo shoot was at 4 days old and then I ended up painting her in oil’s:

This time though I have got myself a new toy for Christmas; the Nivida Shield tablet, and after searching the web I found Photoshop as a downloadable application.The tablet comes with a drawing stylus etc…, and this was a big selling point for me, along with its 2GB of ram which is damn hard thing to find on a mid range tablet (because I’m not made of money). Anyway back to the point I decided to get some experience with it so here is the stage for drawing baby Cathán:


week 11- Perspective

More practice with perspective drawing working from a horizon line:


I now have a better understanding of how to draw someone in perspective from mikes instructions on where the person is on the horizon. He told us we would be able to see this by closing one eye and having our hand out in front of us, helping us tell where the horizon line is, which is when u cannot see the palm or top of the hand: