Housing Belfast

Building Inspiration:


wall-EWe looked at the space shuttle design for the film “Wall-e” to see how it was designed so people could get around the ship due to its size.




Noah’s Arc                                              2012

W017_ark_std        2012_09


The Brief stated that the building would be floating so we thought about an actual ship just like with Noah’s Arc. And this reminded us of the film 2012, with it’s arcs to house those who were to repopulate the world after the flood.




Resident Evil:


This was my personal favourite idea as this was my favourite movie growing up! (next to, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”)  The idea of having everything being underground, however, we would need to think about safety as well and air ventilation etc…









The Ecos Centre:

When I was in primary we were taken to this place in Ballymena and I always remembered it because it reminded me of the Titanic. The top of the building was filled with solar panels which made me think of having the exterior of our building being on big solar panel if it was to be floating about the clouds this would mean an unlimited supply of power for the whole building.

ECOS Centre


Modelling The Buildings Internal Tree

So I tried my hand at modelling the tree for the centre of our building. Our reason for having this tree is to make sure that the people still have a tie to their home planet Earth. It also helps for oxygenation as this building will remain above the clouds where oxygen in thin.


Building in Maya

So our for our building we wanted to make sure that even  though humans would not be residing on Earth any more that they would still have a link to their home planet, so we thought of a genetically engineered for fast growth tree in the centre of the building which would also serve the purpose of oxygenation for the people on board as well as giving them a link to home, as we didn’t want everything to look very metallic and cold:

tree1Screenshot 2015-03-08 00.09.09

We wanted their to be multiple levels obviously to fit as many people as possible but we also had to think of transportation so we incorporated elevators and also a stair shaft beside the elevator around the floor levels. We also incorporated these lifts inside the tree so that it would serve another purpose as a means of transportation:

Screenshot 2015-03-08 05.01.32Screenshot 2015-03-08 05.02.24

building inner levels2

Meh… Why Does The Building Have To Be On This Plane

We have thought about the idea of making our world out of a portal gateway. We thought that this would tie in greatly with our space conservation theme that we hope to employ in our final outcome, as the plate of glass would be the size of a small door and then the world would be contained inside(phantom zone). this also reminds me of the tents in, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”:

Screenshot 2015-03-08 20.21.02

Superman II – Trial of Zod (Phantom Zone) 1980