Advice From A Third Year

So after seeing the amount of tutorials there are out there I decided to consult the elders in the course. Although some had a rather different take to what I was doing they decided that using a cube to start with did seem like the best route to take so I went and researched this and these seem to be the best tutorials for it as the process is similar to what I need:

Screenshot 2015-05-11 12.36.12

Facial Structure

I decided to look at the faces basic structure so I could see what made up the form underneath the skin. Feeling around my own face to actually see where these muscles and bone would be at as every face is different:


I found this video on “Youtube”, of someone trying to demonstrate emotional displays, which I found helpful in understanding the movement and necessary .

Screenshot 2015-05-11 16.37.46

Practicing Topology

5fcfeb29df6b596a472aab16a8d22a8fI thought that I would take a crack at doing my own face first in Maya before I screwed up anyone else’s. whilst trying to remember that triangles are the Devil! In the tutorial it did show how to correct them in most circumstances:

The Beginning:

Screenshot 2015-04-10 00.20.04