Making My Creative Elements Book Cover

So in keeping with my Halloween theme with the Billy Butcherson makeup, I decided to bring the witches book to life as the cover of my creative elements notebook.¬† And the only reason this is only being done now is because the skin is paper mashe so it will be easily broken id imagine, this way their hopefully will be less wear and tare. Here is the image I worked of except for the colour as it wasn’t like that in the movie:


This is the first layering done and to be honest if I had of painted the hobbit picture up the right way I may not have wanted to continue as it looked pretty cool in real life, but it has given me an idea for next time:




Even though the stitches was a tiring process (5am to 6 – Because in was afraid of ripping the skin off completely) I enjoyed this the most… There is just something about the whole ditched together thing that I really love(as demented as that is):

And this is the final product. I’m really happy with it. And there was a lot of love and hard work put into making this!!:

Making The Game Cover Page

I first started playing about with the vectors that I made this week for the boss fight cover page, and added the zombies to the road, intending that the more of the zombies I added meaning the harder it was and how many times you would have to deliver a proper hit to kill them. The use of the Road with the burning city that I made last week was just a happy accident as I thought that it would work if I added in shadows behind them to make them become part of the burning city image, like they were standing on the road:


Then I thought that I could add in other zombies to make the scene into a title for the actual game:


This is the final image I made for the game, adding in the candy design text I made for the Typography Animation. we also thought that for some reason the “Z” being backwards looked slightly cool, and besides the text is about zombies we can forgive a little dim humour about their lack of brain cells right:


Another Zombie Fight Stage

I really liked the idea of taking advantage of using the burning city background as I made more vectors to add into it, adding shadows and such to make the monster fit into the scene:cupcake vector

background city destroyed2

background city destroyed4

I had a thought of actually adding all the vectors into the one image for a title page so I made this one as well just by recolouring it with using a colour layer in Photoshopbackground city destroyed5