Creature Topology

kerry mccormick animation

So here is the finished topology for my Aquatic creature based off Nicholas Kole’s concept. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. He should deform nicely when rigged. The pattern of the quads is functional and pretty even. There are a couple of tris where they couldn’t be avoided but they are in places where they will not effect the movement such as under the base of the ear (Which will not have to move much at all). So here are some shot of the quads; the body, face, backfeet, front feet and underbelly.


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Advice From A Third Year

So after seeing the amount of tutorials there are out there I decided to consult the elders in the course. Although some had a rather different take to what I was doing they decided that using a cube to start with did seem like the best route to take so I went and researched this and these seem to be the best tutorials for it as the process is similar to what I need:

Screenshot 2015-05-11 12.36.12